Your home inspection will typically begin with our discussion of the subject property and an agreement on price for the service. 

An inspection agreement document will be generated and executed. I will then contact the appropriate agents to schedule a day and time for the inspection. In case the home is unoccupied I will attempt to make sure the utilities (water, power, gas) are turned on in order to enable me to properly evaluate all of the different systems in the home. 

Upon arrival at the subject property I will systematically observe and record my findings in accordance with the standards of practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Your completed report will be delivered electronically within 24 hours of the inspection. I encourage you to contact me to discuss items in the report after you have read it thoroughly. I offer a follow up service to verify any repairs that may be made for an additional fee.

Ancillary services such as water safety, water quality and radon testing are also available.

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